Depilatory cream in the battle for perfect skin

Today I want to discuss depilatory cream as one of way to make our legs smooth (and other interesting parts of our body). Every person want to be perfect in every way. Moreover, legs is most of beautiful and important part of perfect. It can make crazy potential partner when he or she just looks on the straight, smooth and silky leg, but most important is how you can feel your skin by yourself.

O.K. we have a problem or better say feature of our body – some of our hair grow where they not should be. And, thanks gods, we have a several or even more solutions of this unpleasant issue, some more painful but effective, some very easy but can hurt our skin. You probably already tried much of them, but if you’re still here and reading, I guess, you want to try method of depilatory cream. Of course, you make yourself a bunch of questions like:

“Can it hurt my sensitive skin?” or

“What if my hair is too tough for this and it would be a waste of time and money”.

Let us try to sort it all out.

How works depilatory cream?

The idea of painless removing hairs is always appears in our head when we use very painful things like wax strips, sugaring or an epilator hair removal device. When we use razor it gave us not so long effect and it makes our skin little rougher, also you need to be very carefully so not to cut yourself. Depilatory cream is great alternative for first view. Most of them offer compound that is more natural but it can affect on your skin only. For hair removal they all use alkaline chemicals which took out the keratin proteins in your hair and it dissolved it into a jelly-like consistency. Then you just take it away by a plastic blade or a towel and “voila” hair all gone.

However, it is not so great as it seems to be. If you have delicate skin, cream can make little harm, and you must try to find a right one that would be maintain balance between removable hairs and not burning your skin. Some of depilatory creams fit for bikini zone some other absolutely not. My advice is to use depilatory cream on little area of your skin and then wait for a while. If on the next day you won’t feel irritation or burning – it approach for you. However, do not rush to rejoice.

It may not fit for yours hair and just keep it on their places.

Pluses and minuses of depilatory cream

The obvious plus of depilatory cream is painless and quickness. It’s not require a lot of time and precision. You can use it in the shower and it won’t make this morning hygiene procedure much longer. Most of creams dissolves dead skin cells with hair too, like when we use peeling procedure.

The major minus it is not so long effect compared with wax, sugaring or electric depilation. Depilatory cream not pulled out hair with root but dissolve the hair at the surface of skin and the hair grows back quicker. As well, you may know that some of depilatory creams are very stinky when you use it. However, in our days most of them don’t have any smell at all or smells like vanilla or another sweet odor.

In conclusion I want to say that depilatory cream is very great alternative of another removal hair methods, even that you will use it more often. But always remember – do not use cream for legs on your face or intimate area. Our skin not the same in the other places of our body. Use the proper creams on your delicate areas.

Eventually, when you find better depilatory cream for yourself it will be marvels and I will be very happy for you. Until you would hear about laser hair removal, which is interesting way with longer effect and have some own pluses and minuses which we can discuss in another time.